We here at 1st Time Home Buyer (dotcom) are dedicated to the beliefs and values associated with empowering people to be able to take advantage of funds made available to assist them in becoming home-owners!

We think everyone should be able to own, not rent. Equity is a heck of a great thing to take advantage of.

Stop throwing money out the window each month and start watching the value of your equity in your own home grow.

We are not a lender. We simply coach you on how to find a lender who will help you more than a normal bank with respect to helping you through the process and actually working for you and on your behalf to GET YOU APPROVED for the forgivable or free money available in the form of Grants and Bonds.

You could potentially receive as much as 20%, but in most cases around 15% of the purchase price towards a home based on your income, debt, household size and the location of the home you want to buy.

For instance, a 15% grant would equal $15,000.00 towards a $100,000.00 house; bringing the purchase price you would get a mortgage on down to only $85,000.00 from the initial $100,000.00. In this hypothetical scenario you would only need to bring 2% of the the $85,000.00 to closing. Meaning, your down-payment could be as little as $1,700.00 or even less after the seller pays closing costs and fees!

What you need is more than just a Lender.

You need a Mentor.

You need a Friend.

Reach out to us for assistance, coaching & help being pointed in the right direction.



We’ll point you in the right direction to find a Lender, a Mentor, and a Friend to help to coach you through navigating the process to fit into the right parameters if it is possible for you.

For instance; if you fit the income and family size for Grant qualification guidelines; our constituents can point you in the right direction for finding out the home location area(s) and prices of homes to be looking in and for; or to provide when asking your agent to set up searches for you in.

The people we recommend you to will also not only deal with you; but with your Real Estate Agent. If you don’t have an agent; they’ll be happy to provide you with a list of highly regarded and trusted individuals you could reach out to.

Another scenario might be that your credit level needs to be a certain amount higher. The right lender will work with you to get you where you need to be and provide specific information about exactly what to do to get there. Credit is finicky and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another; so it is best to look at your specific situation and get specific instructions.

Reach out to us for assistance, coaching & help being pointed in the right direction.


There are many advantages available to First Time Home Buyers!

You, as a FTHB; want a lender that will:


  • Treat you with professional fiduciary duty and the highest manners to find out what is best for you; and represent you in the best light possible to the Credit Bureau.
  • Check your credit FOR FREE with the big three credit reporters: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.
  • Advise you what you may qualify for
  • Go through your credit report with you in person; line item by line item in order to find any inaccuracies
  • Represent you to get any inaccurate information on the credit report expunged or updated if necessary
  • Give you advise of specific things you can do to bring the score up to the level you need for the type of mortgage loan that is best suited for you
  • Advise you of the right benefits program you may qualify for from the state for Government Grant or Bond money that you don’t have to pay back if you fulfill the parameters of said program’s requirements such as for the 15% Grant money you are required to live there 10 years to be forgiven.                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Don’t worry though, even if you move; the money owed is pro-rated and added to the mortgage so the buyer will most likely absorb it to their new mortgage on your old home as you transition to the next.)
  • Even if you don’t qualify for the the Grant or Bond money; we can put you in touch with someone who can show you areas where you can still buy a home for NO MONEY DOWN with some of the lowest rates on your monthly payments.

Reach out to us for assistance, coaching & help being pointed in the right direction.

Q & A / INFO

What is a FTHB?

A FTHB is a First Time Home Buyer, (AKA 1st-Time-Home-Buyer, 1stTHB, 1stHB, & 1HB) The funny thing is, when your lender applies on your behalf to receive Grant or Bond money, there are a few loopholes around actually being a literal first time home buyer. FTHB LOOPHOLE #1: Single Moms and / or Dads with …