What is a FTHB?

A FTHB is a First Time Home Buyer,

(AKA 1st-Time-Home-Buyer, 1stTHB, 1stHB, & 1HB)

The funny thing is, when your lender applies on your behalf to receive Grant or Bond money, there are a few loopholes around actually being a literal first time home buyer.


Single Moms and / or Dads with Kids, you are in luck!

If you don’t currently have your name on a title to a property; and you are a parent, you are considered a First  (1st) Time Home Buyer.


It’s been 2 years since your name was on a title.

Sold a property and rented or lived without owning for 2 years?

Maybe you split up with your partner, sold the house, and have been renting for 2 years.

If it has been 2 years since you owned and/or had your name on a title; you are also considered a First Time Home Buyer!


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